Wise and otherwise way of getting better ratings for apps

Better app ratings can do miracle for your apps, here are few things to consider before launching apps, for better ratings.

Why app rating are important –

  • Number of ratings makes your application more discoverable in app store or play store.
  • Positive rating puts your app at higher position in ranking Page/List in other words gives the app better PR.
  • Improves trustability of your app and makes user more confident to try install and use your app.

Provided the above fact it is important to ask for user’s feedback, rating and ranking. There are basically two approaches to ask user for it, however both have there advantages and disadvantages. where using each approach effectively gives you above mentioned profits, improper use of it may bring your application to doom.

  1. Ask user for feedback with consistent reminder. This approach works well when its free app, user’s usually don’t mind getting annoyed a bit for providing feedback, however don’t beg for it, Ask your self these questions before deciding to go for this approach.
  • Is it a free app?
  • How likely user will provide feedback ?
  • Are you interrupting users experience in any way ? If yes can it be continued after getting feedback?
  • Is the language you use to ask for rating or feedback offensive in any way?
  • Is the experience worth providing feed back?
  • Are you getting any useful information or user’s behaviour out of the provided feedback?

If any of the answer of above mentioned questions are negative you shouldn’t go for this approach or at least make that answer positive before choosing this approach.

  1. Create a page or view where users can share there experience with the app. Most of the user’s mind are already conditioned for not to be annoyed if they paid for application. Below mentioned approach fits mostly for this purpose. Same as before ask these question to yourself –
  • Is it a paid app?
  • Is it interactive easy to use feedback form?
  • Is there any freebie if user provide feedback or ranking?
  • Is the provided feedback worth?

If any of the answer is no, you should think again about going for this approach.  If you can think of better way to handle user’s reaction about the apps share with us as comment to this post. We are going to write the how to guide as follow-up for this post. Till than stay tuned.

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