AppsWise Technologies
We enable you to Start up, well at least technically!
AppsWise Technologies
Your Technology boutique shop next door.

“We help you to build great business”

We value the idea and inventions. We understand what it takes to solve a business problem, Most importantly we know technology can be bottleneck for entrepreneurs, well it doesn’t have to. We know because we are on the same path, thats why we land a helping hand if you need to take the bull by horn. Come lets discuss your next big idea and execute it, remember we have got your back.


“What we offer?”

This is roughly what we offer in a very distinct way.


When it comes to technology it is always difficult what to pick and how to execute, we provide consulting services for you to decide what to choose for the purpose.

UX R & D

We believe user experience is not just field of study or research but a part of our day to day life. It is the result of all our “Why and Hows”.At AppsWise our designs and user experience are driven by this simple philosophy.


Running the end to end technology operations i.e DevOps, QA and AMS along with business is difficult at times, Worry not we have got your back. We run complete Technology Operations end to end for you, while you run your business.


We excel when it comes to development, be it MEAN Stack, Mobility, E-Commerce, Wearables or IOT you name it we have it. We have expertise on more then 60+ technology and tools to support you with bringing your idea into life and walk with you the whole journey of success hand in hand.

“Who are We?”

AppsWise is a team of talented, experienced and fun-loving technology folks based in Bengaluru (IN). We love the latest technology and we keep abreast with it. Our experts specialise in diverse skill sets and can deliver end to end technology projects as a team. In a nut shell we are a strong technical team who have enough of expertise to deliver a robust and flexible technology platform to run a business or solve a business problem end to end. So whatever your business Application is we have a Technology to serve the purpose.

Application Wise Technology Implementation, simple as that!



We believe in mutual growth, hence we make sure you grow multifold. Our services and pricing are tailored by keeping the startups and entrepreneurs in mind. Getting a MVP build without hustle should not cost a bomb. We start with simple package for MVP which can be extended to an advance package to support a complete product and even to a premium package to keep the support and development on going as long as you want. You know the best part it can be customised even more on case to case basis completely flexible.


We understand the business criticality specially when you are starting up. All the crazy loads on the system. The platform going haywire specially when you need it most, yes we are talking about the investor meeting or a client demo. Where a slightest glitch can jeopardise and can cost whole future. We have got your back for all such crazy time. We are available to support you when you need it most. With us you can rest assured from the technology front. We are really “Your Technology Boutique Shop Next Door”.


Adaptation and survival go hand in hand and we at AppsWise help you to embrace the latest technology solutions to help your business remain always at the top. Our crisp, well designed, state of the art professional solutions adds a new dimension to your business. We deliver the best of the technology to serve your business, even if it means going extra mile to mix and match the technology stack to solve a critical business problem or inventing a new algorithm to get the desired result.

“Building Trust”

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”


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