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We provide implementation and support services for DevOps. DevOps is a methodology or approach to streamline the development and operation to gain optimum output with minimum risk. We believe that DevOps is an absolute must practice for every startup and organisation who wants to have a rock solid fault tolerant platform for their product and technology services. Here are few of our offerings which directly translates to your business needs.

Our Offerings


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are two core software development process. CI is a process of automating regular code commits with an automated build and test process, CD is a workload based process which accepts a tested software build payload from CI Server. We expertise in setting up robust CI & CD workflow using CI & CD tools i.e GitHub, Jenkins, Code Commit and Code Pipeline to facilitate following deployment strategies –

  • Single Deployment
  • All in once Deployment
  • Minimum in Service Deployments
  • Rolling Deployments
  • Blue & Green Deployments


Identity and Access Management as AWS’s free offering, AppsWise enables you to manage granular level access to AWS services and resources securely. We help you to create user & groups and use permissions to allow & deny their access to AWS resources. AppsWise ensures all the best practices are in place for Identity and Access Management. The IAM Use cases covers 

  • Fine grained access control for AWS Resources
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for privileged users.
  • Manage federated identity with multiple identity providers.
  • Corporate Directory integration.

Auto Scaling Groups

We ensure your business always runs smoothly even in high and low demands by using AWS Auto Scaling Groups. During peak hours of your business when the load is high the server capacity scales automatically to serve the demand and during the rest hours it scales down of its own to reduce the cost and these happening without any manual intervention is cherry on top.

Cloud watch & Alarms

Precisely configured logs and monitoring keeps you in complete control for cost management and gives you nearly 100% fault tolerant robust and secure infrastructure. With AppsWise DevOps support the technical glitches are things of the past. It gives you complete reporting for important events so that you know when and where you should invest in timely manner.

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