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It is the era of handhelds and wearables, where you have the opportunity to expand your business within reach of billions of customers with few simple taps. We expertise in utilisation of real state available in smallest form factor devices and proudly serve you in wide range of mobile and wearable devices. 

Our Expertise

Hybrid Application

Hybrid Application Development is quite popular in industry now a days due to “Rapid Application Development” and “Develop once and Deploy anywhere USP”. We expertise in wide range of hybrid mobile application technologies i.e phone gap, react native and Angular Material design e.t.c. With us you are always assured to get the best.

iOS Applications

When it comes to sophisticated user experience and delicate advanced features in mobile applications, nothing can beat the application developed in native platform.  We deliver Apple’s state of the art innovation with the best form factors available in handheld categories. Not only on mobile phones but we also expertise in all the available range of apple’s product i.e watch, iPad and tvOS.

Android Application

With the largest user base in terms of handhelds Android brings same level of sophistication in user experience and delicate features. With us you can be confident of getting the seamless smooth experience in most diverse set of devices running on Android operating system.

Wearables & IOT

Bringing the features into small form factors can be challenging at times, however with AppsWise you can be assured of complete confidence and comfort. We can add value on your IOT and Wearable applications with features listed below –

  • Micro Services – SOAP and REST
  • Cloud Backend – Parse, Firebase and AWS Cognito
  • Messaging Engines – XMPP, Jabber and Ejabbred
  • Media Streaming – Sound Cloud
  • Online Payments – Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Paytm and UPI

Extend your business reach with Mobile Applications!

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