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Do you think the way information flows in current system is wise enough ? Why do you need to fill lots of personal information while booking tickets, getting admitted into hospital opting for a new gas or telephone connection?


We at apps wise think that industry needs paradigm shift for simplifying information access and transformation.  Here is how:

By connecting the disintegrated systems for source of information:

The problem is information which already exist in information system is not always part of network or talks a different language all together, i.e the countries where police verification is required to issue a valid passport to citizen, why passport department need to send the information offline to police department and then police needs to manually verify the records and get back to passport department and only then the process moves ahead. Wouldn’t it be wise if anytime a crime is reported and criminal is identified his record gets updated. The same information would be available to passport department and process doesn’t wait for police department to get back to passport department, however in some cases where passport department doesn’t find the record for a particular person they can request a manual intervention.

Making it easy to access by realtime API’s

Even if the information exist in system it is not accessible easily because the systems were designed to be isolated. If the system can be designed in such a way that it can update the information and provide the updated information seamlessly with the help of realtime apis. i.e. If person have an account in some bank and he wants to open another account in same bank or another bank he should not need to fill the redundant information again and again.

Introducing the internet of things as new source of information to existing information system.

Internet of Things ( IOT ) is slowly getting into mainstream information sources, which is a good way to track and update the current information system. It should be utilised to full potentials. Consider a scenario where a persons location data indicates different location then his recorded location for a sufficiently long period then by the wise system he should be reminded to update the record or present a valid reason for ambiguity.

Effectively utilising the existing information.

Apart from maintaining and managing the information it is equally important to utilise the existing information effectively instead of keep asking for it again and again from the user and maintaining multiple copies or truth. For example All financial transaction and investment related matter’s should be routed through credit score & income tax systems to validate the details instead of asking for bank statements and income proof of so and so months

Keeping the information system up to date always.

If you maintain a single source of truth you get the responsibility to keep it up to date as well, for this very reason the system which serves the information should also expose the APIs to update information as well.

So due to above facts we strongly advocate for paradigm shift across industry for the way we access and expose the information. Let us know what your opinion is ..


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