Wearable Technologies

How exciting it is that we can wear technology and use it on the move, there are a wide range of wearable devices now a days lets see what is possible and which type of Apps can benefit from it.

Navigation Apps :

In developing countries security is major concerns where people are moving towards nuclear family and have less support for elderly members and children. It is important to facilitate safety without compromising the data integrity and privacy. We think this is how the Apps can come in help –

  • Apps that allows to locate the family members on the map.
  • Apps that allow to make and receive calls, sense the surroundings and send sos alerts to individual or group on need basis.
  • Apps that analyse and conclude real time data interactively and send visual reports on regular time interval in connected devices.
  • Apps which can define a virtual secure zone where any event of defined type can raise alerts and notify the individual or group. This can make foundation of wise connected homes.

Remote Health tracking Apps :

In developing countries where it is difficult to get medical attention easily the apps which tracks the health and basic health records and makes it available remotely would be really appreciated, We think this is how the Apps can come in help –

  • Apps that can track the Blood Pressure level, heartbeat and blood sugar level of dear one. Send the visual reports and alert to individual or group.
  • Apps that transfer the medical records in hospital information systems in emergencies, so that patient or the attenders don’t need to spend precious doing paper work or formalities.
  • Apps which can keep you connected with your doctor and remind you the medicines doses and send the health reports on daily or need basis to your doctor.

So these were our thoughts on how the wearable technology can help you with your day today life. Let us know what you think about and expect from the wearable technologies Apps Wise..

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