Emotion Driven Architecture ( EDA )

Even the machines can work on algorithm and structured control flow, It takes wisdom to follow the heart and get driven by emotions”



Would you be surprised? If we tell you “Emotion Driven Architecture (EDA) is new Paradigm shift in Software development approach”. Did we not talk about making paradigm shift if required in our manifesto, this is part of the plan we are up to. In case you wonder why we care so much about EDA, because Great User Experience design’s are mostly build around User’s emotions.

When we say Emotion Driven Architecture we are essentially talking about a frame work which helps to develop product, and user should be able to emotionally associate with it. The rest of the user experience should be designed with keeping this relation in mind. However wizardry it might sound, trust us, it is not rocket science and is completely doable, we are planning to implement Appraisal Theory with right set of cut and mix, here is what we have in mind to implement as first phase of it –

  • User’s experience study for particular use case should be done properly. continuous evaluation and enhancement for future scope should be planned, if any user experience survey for use case available in any inorganic way should be utilised and enhanced or extended, if required to save effort and time.
  • Should have an algorithm which should dynamically choose the flow path, when provided the user experience pattern discussed in above step.
  • Have checkpoint if the flow is proceeding into right path and nothing has been missed, any deviation should be logged tracked and corrective measure should be taken.
    Repeat from step 1.

So this is the initial draft of design idea we have for Emotion Driven Architecture, tell us what you think about it in the comments below and stay tuned for future updates and contact us if you want to be part of the development.