Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – Testing

Never stop testing, and your Product will never stop improving.


One of most important phase of Software Design Life Cycle is testing. If not planned and executed properly the product will fall flat no matter how much development effort & cost is invested in it. Infect testing itself is consist of various lifecycle phases known as Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).  To continue with our metaphor of Clay Stove to Induction cooktop following would  be the steps we perform in Testing phase –

  1. We test against each provided requirement whether it suffies all of them.
  2. STLCWe test each integration point which is called System Integration Testing (SIT) and covers the point mentioned below –
    • if the charging unit supplies the power required in given time.
    • if the Batteries able to take required load for given time frame.
    • if the timer works as expected and switch off power supply after given time.
  3. We test the product with the end user and ensure the adaptability of the product which is called User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Once the product is tested it gets shipped to the end user and a further improvement analysis is performed for next version of product. We are going to cover the evolution phase in next and last part of this series till then stay tuned and let us know your feedback by commenting below.