A World with Chatbots and AI

With recent technological advancements in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI), neuro-linguistic programming, machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and web speech APIs, it is now possible to streamline interactions between computer and human languages more effectively. Everyday practically we see a Google Home or Alexa add on social media and on television, and this widens our vision about its application. So let’s have a glimpse on it.

A brief about chatbots

A chatbot is a service that people interact with via a chat interface. You can ask questions using your voice or by typing in the same way you would ask a person. The chatbot will usually respond in a conversational style, and it may carry out actions in response to your conversation (for example, order something for you). It often runs inside a popular messaging application, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, or SMS. It answers your question, rather than directing you to a website.

Can the applications be replaced with Chatbots ?

To the end user, it may appear that systems of Chatbots like Alexa have replaced software applications (apps) when we ask them to book meetings in our calendars and purchase train tickets for us. In reality, they will encapsulate the apps and sit on top of them. While we may see fewer app icons on our smartphones, we will still need apps in the background for fulfilment and as data repositories.

Why should we discuss about chatbots ?

Eventually, the goal of a futuristic chatbot is to be able to interact with users as a human does. As the saying goes, “the best interface is no interface.” Voice chat is trending with the introduction of smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc.

How chatbots can help Small/Medium businesses ?

Bots are a glimpse into the future of business, and they have powerful implications on the business ecosystem. They have several advantages:

  1. 24×7 availability – A bot exists digitally unlike a human being, and can thus be pressed into service continuously without any interference.
  2. Highly Customisable – Bots are capable of carrying out a wide array of tasks because of their inherent flexibility.
  3. Affordable and Powerful – In the current scenario, chatbots can be developed for a small amount. Many options already exist, with the most popular being Facebook’s Messenger bot.
  4. Saves Resources – Employing a chatbot to handle basic customer interactions can free up valuable human resources without a decline in productivity.

Types of Chatbots –

  1. One operates based on a set of rules. It can only respond to very specific commands. If you, as the user don’t use the right command or words, the chatbot doesn’t know what you mean.
  2. On the other hand the other type uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the best response. We’ll call these AI-powered chatbots.The AI aspect in a chatbot is based on machine learning. It is known as Natural Language Processing; it has the proficiency to understand a conversation and mimic human speech. An artificial intelligence (AI) agent in a chatbot achieves the goal through the ‘sense-think-act’ cycle.

How Chatbots can Revitalize Customer Engagement for SME’s?

Broadly Chatbots powered with AI can be used for two purposes:

  • For Enterprise – Today’s chatbots are powerful personal assistants. They can call an Cab, place a lunch order, make a hotel reservation, order office supplies when you get low and even help manage your calendar. Let’s face it, just scheduling a single meeting can take 15 minutes or more and when you add up how many meetings you schedule, it’s a significant time commitment for a small business.
  • For Consumers – Chatbots provide better service to users. Mainly in these following ways:
    • Quick Response time – Compared to a human being, a smart computer program will answer queries much quicker. This, coupled with an AI chatbot’s machine learning and multi-tasking abilities make it a highly efficient virtual assistant that can revolutionise customer interaction metrics.
    • Improved Conversions – Chatbots can study past search data and offer more personalised shopping options via retargeting. The AI is constantly learning, and it can pull up multiple options that will be more appealing to the user based on their search history and captured data points. This can lead to increased conversions for you in the long term.

How does Chatbots improve ROI?

Some instance where bots have worked out really well and undoubtedly have cleared the points regarding ROI as they turned out to be a boon in the industry.

  • Chatbots in Finance Industry- Chatbots found their way into the Finance industry as a virtual assistant within Mobile Banking Apps. Bots act as a platform were customers can make the payment of Bills, and transfer and deposit funds. According to a survey done by Abi AI, one of the top most IT firm could save 360,000 hours of manpower by deploying bots which helped them analyse complex legal contracts faster than a human could do.
  • Chatbots in Restaurants and Retail Industry- The idea of introducing chatbots in restaurant and the retail industry proved to be a smart one, as it has been helping famous food chains in reducing the order time of the customers considerably. Bots also help in saving several employees working hours as well, which in turn made them more efficient.

Swift as Open Source Language

“Have you ever heard about the evolution of language Have you ever wondered how does the language get adopted world wide.”

Let us confront that we at AppsWise love the open source community, After staying confined for long time with objective C, iOS & OS X development, apple’s decision about making the latest programming language swift as open source filled us with the joy and excitement. This is first time ever that apple has made any of its proprietary language open source. It is needless to say that swift has been widely accepted and loved by many of the programmer’s since the day it was introduced, we think it was mainly because the Objective C was not that easy to get adapted by new developer’s, hence Objective C scored last on the comparison list of most popular technology whereas Swift stands out at #1 with flying color in Most Loved Dreaded and wanted programming language. Let us see what makes swift #1 in most loved, dreaded and wanted programming language and how the business owners and SMEs can benefit from swift.

1 – Swift is easy to adapt

Swift language and its java script like syntax is easier then most of the programming language and since the swift complier is open source now swift program can run on windows and Linux platform as well , which means more and more developer’s would tend to learn it and the learning curve is smoother then the objective C, which means there won’t be shortage of skilled developer’s and the application developed in swift. There is high probability of finding an iOS developer or pre – build application for your business at less cost and better ROI.

2 – It is backward compatible

For the businesses which already have applications or API’s developed with earlier version of apple framework it is much easier to migrate to swift for the reason that it is fully backward compatible. The old Objective C code and even api’s can be easily used within the swift code. The code written in Objective C are compatible with Swift and vice versa. Which means you need not to re-invent the wheel to keep it rolling. It is much simple and easy to accelerate the business growth with the application built in swift.

3 – It is future proof –

Swift is future proof and we can say that confidently since apple has made the swift language open source, which in turn means there would be developer’s from across the globe who will keep innovating and improving the swift language for the reason it is most wanted dreaded language, and the developer community including us love it most.

It is highly unlikely that it will get out dated and left alone. So if your application are developed in swift or you are planning to migrate to swift your future is secure and safe.

4 – It has better ROI –

Swift has better Return Of Investment (R.O.I) among most of the programming languages because it is a language of apple which is open source now which means you might find the swift language running on server as well or in client side web applications which also means you can reach out to your every potential customer’s pocket (iPhone) wrist (apple watch) home (apple TV) and even the car (car kit) along with windows and Linux devices as well. More customers mean more revenue and more profit which means better return of investment with every application.

5 – Highly maintainable and Robust-

With wide customer base and lot of skilled developers Swift is highly maintainable and robust means if your iOS developer leaves even without any knowledge transfer it is easy to find another developer who can understand and take over the job to maintain the application. Which was not so easy and smooth with the old Objective C language.

With our expertise in device specific development we can help you to chose right mix of technology and tools for the trade. We would be glad to assist with any queries you should have on the subject.