We help you bring great ideas into life.

We love what we do.

Technology Consulting

In your pursuit of having a great solution, we serve as trusted technology advisor and partner.  In the rapid evolving technology space, We help you choose right stack.

We help yo do it by putting right right process wherever it is required, identifying the technology stack which is not an overkill and difficult to sustain, but lightweight, cost effective and easy to operate.

Our Area of Focus


As machine learning is evolving beyond the realms of the research projects and becoming a part of our everyday lives, the significance of machine learning powered business solutions is more and more increasing organisations must adapt this new trait or extinct!.

Web Applications

When it comes to rapid development to beat the competition to bring an idea into life and support the fast go to market strategy, MEAN is the best technology stack to lean on. MEAN helps you to to get highly scalable and dynamic application development.


It is the era of handhelds and wearables, where you have the opportunity to expand your business within reach of billions of customers with few simple taps. We expertise in utilisation of real state available in smallest form factor devices and proudly serve you in wide range of mobile and wearable devices.

UX R & D

We believe user experience is not just field of study or research but a part of our day to day life. It is the result of all our “Why and Hows”.At AppsWise our designs and user experience are driven by this simple philosophy.

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