MEAN/MERN - The complete Recipe for Cooking !deas to product !!

A lightweight open source technology stack to help you scale without limit as you want and when you want it. With millions of developer and billions of open source libraries, reducing the initial investment for the startups giving them a longer runway. Quick to start with and easy to wrap it off without obligations. These are few of the qualities and prowess of MEAN/MERN stack. Read it on to know more …

The Silver Bullet you need for Go To Market!!

A 5 Years old battle tested technology stack which has been backed by google for its Angular frontend framework, supported by NodeJs a lightweight but robust Application platform in association with express js middleware for fast and reliable rest apis. The NoSql Dynamic schema backed database “MongoDB” being cherry on the top. In short, that is “MEAN Stack” for you, replace the Angular Framework with Facebook's beloved lightweight fast frontend library ReactJS and there, you have the “MERN Stack”

  • Oil and Gas retail solution
    1'00'000 Monthly Active Users
    • 6’00’000 Transaction/Day
    • 2 Months of ETA
    • 5X less initial Investment
    • 10X more ROI

Use Case

If you are planning for a quick prototype for product market fit or planning to build the MVP for pitching to investors, or even scaling the MVP to full fledged product to acquire/capature desired market segment, you would love this tech stack for ROI

An Oil and Gas retail solution, with projected customer base of 1’00’000 MAU and 6’00’000 Daily transactions has been successfully developed in a time span of 2 months with 5 times less initial investment than the legacy solutions.

Go To Market Time 70%
Initial Investment 30%
Developer Community 70%
Return Of Investment 90%

All good what's the catch?

So there are a few things which should be taken care along the development life cycle of a product or solution –

  • Unlike legacy technology stack the MEAN/MERN stack is rapidly growing and fast changing domain, hence it requires frequent update and maintenance
  • With tons of open source libraries and plugins, having no SLA based support system it becomes a road blocker and bottleneck at times without a trusted and capable technology partner like AppsWise alongside with you.

If you seek consistent support and want someone to take care of everything so that you can focus on your business operations and activities look no further, contact us.

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