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Mean Stack

When it comes to rapid development to beat the competition to bring an idea into life and support the fast go to market strategy, MEAN is the best technology stack to lean on. MEAN helps you to to get highly scalable and dynamic application development.

Our Expertise

Mongo DB

We are highly experienced in managing and maintaining unstructured data, using MongoDB`s dynamic schema and advanced features i.e sharding, indexing and multi region replica set to overcome the short fall of traditional RDBMS.

Express JS

Express is a core component of the MEAN Stack. A wise utilisation on the backend api`s for secure end points by using express interceptor . A fast, scalable and flexible routing for frontend web application.



More than just a framework Angular can be considered as a platform. It comes with complete set of own tools i.e CLI, debugging utilities and performance tools. We expertise in  building beautiful, high conversion rate, delightful web solution with Angular. Your customers will fall in love within few seconds of their stay in your application.

Node JS

Node JS

If MEAN is the body then Node is heart of it. The real orchestrator, built on top of google’s powerful V8 Engine. Known for it’s non blocking, asynchronous input output operations. We ensure the best use of this niche technology to scale your applications, both horizontally and vertically with minimum infrastructure cost.

Have an !dea of scalable Application!

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