Emotion Driven Architecture ( EDA )

Even the machines can work on algorithm and structured control flow, It takes wisdom to follow the heart and get driven by emotions”



Would you be surprised? If we tell you “Emotion Driven Architecture (EDA) is new Paradigm shift in Software development approach”. Did we not talk about making paradigm shift if required in our manifesto, this is part of the plan we are up to. In case you wonder why we care so much about EDA, because Great User Experience design’s are mostly build around User’s emotions.

When we say Emotion Driven Architecture we are essentially talking about a frame work which helps to develop product, and user should be able to emotionally associate with it. The rest of the user experience should be designed with keeping this relation in mind. However wizardry it might sound, trust us, it is not rocket science and is completely doable, we are planning to implement Appraisal Theory with right set of cut and mix, here is what we have in mind to implement as first phase of it –

  • User’s experience study for particular use case should be done properly. continuous evaluation and enhancement for future scope should be planned, if any user experience survey for use case available in any inorganic way should be utilised and enhanced or extended, if required to save effort and time.
  • Should have an algorithm which should dynamically choose the flow path, when provided the user experience pattern discussed in above step.
  • Have checkpoint if the flow is proceeding into right path and nothing has been missed, any deviation should be logged tracked and corrective measure should be taken.
    Repeat from step 1.

So this is the initial draft of design idea we have for Emotion Driven Architecture, tell us what you think about it in the comments below and stay tuned for future updates and contact us if you want to be part of the development.



Wise and otherwise way of getting better ratings for apps

Better app ratings can do miracle for your apps, here are few things to consider before launching apps, for better ratings.

Why app rating are important –

  • Number of ratings makes your application more discoverable in app store or play store.
  • Positive rating puts your app at higher position in ranking Page/List in other words gives the app better PR.
  • Improves trustability of your app and makes user more confident to try install and use your app.

Provided the above fact it is important to ask for user’s feedback, rating and ranking. There are basically two approaches to ask user for it, however both have there advantages and disadvantages. where using each approach effectively gives you above mentioned profits, improper use of it may bring your application to doom.

  1. Ask user for feedback with consistent reminder. This approach works well when its free app, user’s usually don’t mind getting annoyed a bit for providing feedback, however don’t beg for it, Ask your self these questions before deciding to go for this approach.
  • Is it a free app?
  • How likely user will provide feedback ?
  • Are you interrupting users experience in any way ? If yes can it be continued after getting feedback?
  • Is the language you use to ask for rating or feedback offensive in any way?
  • Is the experience worth providing feed back?
  • Are you getting any useful information or user’s behaviour out of the provided feedback?

If any of the answer of above mentioned questions are negative you shouldn’t go for this approach or at least make that answer positive before choosing this approach.

  1. Create a page or view where users can share there experience with the app. Most of the user’s mind are already conditioned for not to be annoyed if they paid for application. Below mentioned approach fits mostly for this purpose. Same as before ask these question to yourself –
  • Is it a paid app?
  • Is it interactive easy to use feedback form?
  • Is there any freebie if user provide feedback or ranking?
  • Is the provided feedback worth?

If any of the answer is no, you should think again about going for this approach.  If you can think of better way to handle user’s reaction about the apps share with us as comment to this post. We are going to write the how to guide as follow-up for this post. Till than stay tuned.

The Paradigm Shift – Appswise

Do you think the way information flows in current system is wise enough ? Why do you need to fill lots of personal information while booking tickets, getting admitted into hospital opting for a new gas or telephone connection?


We at apps wise think that industry needs paradigm shift for simplifying information access and transformation.  Here is how:

By connecting the disintegrated systems for source of information:

The problem is information which already exist in information system is not always part of network or talks a different language all together, i.e the countries where police verification is required to issue a valid passport to citizen, why passport department need to send the information offline to police department and then police needs to manually verify the records and get back to passport department and only then the process moves ahead. Wouldn’t it be wise if anytime a crime is reported and criminal is identified his record gets updated. The same information would be available to passport department and process doesn’t wait for police department to get back to passport department, however in some cases where passport department doesn’t find the record for a particular person they can request a manual intervention.

Making it easy to access by realtime API’s

Even if the information exist in system it is not accessible easily because the systems were designed to be isolated. If the system can be designed in such a way that it can update the information and provide the updated information seamlessly with the help of realtime apis. i.e. If person have an account in some bank and he wants to open another account in same bank or another bank he should not need to fill the redundant information again and again.

Introducing the internet of things as new source of information to existing information system.

Internet of Things ( IOT ) is slowly getting into mainstream information sources, which is a good way to track and update the current information system. It should be utilised to full potentials. Consider a scenario where a persons location data indicates different location then his recorded location for a sufficiently long period then by the wise system he should be reminded to update the record or present a valid reason for ambiguity.

Effectively utilising the existing information.

Apart from maintaining and managing the information it is equally important to utilise the existing information effectively instead of keep asking for it again and again from the user and maintaining multiple copies or truth. For example All financial transaction and investment related matter’s should be routed through credit score & income tax systems to validate the details instead of asking for bank statements and income proof of so and so months

Keeping the information system up to date always.

If you maintain a single source of truth you get the responsibility to keep it up to date as well, for this very reason the system which serves the information should also expose the APIs to update information as well.

So due to above facts we strongly advocate for paradigm shift across industry for the way we access and expose the information. Let us know what your opinion is ..


Wearable Technologies

How exciting it is that we can wear technology and use it on the move, there are a wide range of wearable devices now a days lets see what is possible and which type of Apps can benefit from it.

Navigation Apps :

In developing countries security is major concerns where people are moving towards nuclear family and have less support for elderly members and children. It is important to facilitate safety without compromising the data integrity and privacy. We think this is how the Apps can come in help –

  • Apps that allows to locate the family members on the map.
  • Apps that allow to make and receive calls, sense the surroundings and send sos alerts to individual or group on need basis.
  • Apps that analyse and conclude real time data interactively and send visual reports on regular time interval in connected devices.
  • Apps which can define a virtual secure zone where any event of defined type can raise alerts and notify the individual or group. This can make foundation of wise connected homes.

Remote Health tracking Apps :

In developing countries where it is difficult to get medical attention easily the apps which tracks the health and basic health records and makes it available remotely would be really appreciated, We think this is how the Apps can come in help –

  • Apps that can track the Blood Pressure level, heartbeat and blood sugar level of dear one. Send the visual reports and alert to individual or group.
  • Apps that transfer the medical records in hospital information systems in emergencies, so that patient or the attenders don’t need to spend precious doing paper work or formalities.
  • Apps which can keep you connected with your doctor and remind you the medicines doses and send the health reports on daily or need basis to your doctor.

So these were our thoughts on how the wearable technology can help you with your day today life. Let us know what you think about and expect from the wearable technologies Apps Wise..